Will gain a lot of benefits from EP tool like

  1. Collecting accurate information online and on time without printing even a single paper.
  2. Conduct Quiz for even a million students or trainees (at one or different places) and get the results in a second without any efforts.
  3. Know what is going on in your audience mind with the highest levels of transparency.
  4. Collecting accurate data form your audience in class or training room or/and outside at the same time or different timings with one single touch.
  5. Download the data on Excel sheet (or other format) for more analysis (if needed).
  6. You have many types of questions like but not limited, (open ended questions, Multiple chose questions, rating questions, quiz, Scale questions, Q&A questions, Perceptual Map Questions).
  7. Double chick what is the level of understanding of you trainee or students in any topic before or after speaking about, then you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your audience, then you can cover that gap easily by more practice or clarifications.
  8. Let your trainees or students ask any question in their mind and let them see each other’s questions and give them likes, you will get the most important questions for your audience to answer.
  9. Do all above and more without requiring any help from IT technical people. With no cost.

Can you imagine the level of engagement with your trainees or students, how they feel in control of the presentation, feel that all of you speaks in something important for all of you?

Try it for free and see the magic with lots and lots of benefits for all of you.

More benefits

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