Get the answers by Words

you can ask open ended questions and collecting the answers by words with filter option

Crete multiple choice Questions

create multiple choices as much as you want

Get answers by Scale

Determine which items are the most important through the scaling of 10 points method.

Matrix Questions

ability to create questions using two factors


you can create quizzes with showing or not showing the right or wrong answer.

Questions from Audience

You can let your audience ask you questions, and you can answer

Stars rating

you can ask questions using stars for rating


you can set a specific timing for answering, if the time is passed, then the audience can’t answer.


ability to choose or compare or even evaluate pictures


you can download videos to discuss to evaluate


You can create folders as much as you like

More Presentations

you can create presentations as much as you can


In case you are using the same presentation for regular bases, you can copy the presentation as is, just without results (same questions, the same structure but without answers) so, it will be ready very for your audience to answer


you can keep your presentations for long time as much as you want

Sharing Results

you can share the results with different channels, social media, email or with people have responded,

Show or Hide results

You can show or hide the results throw answering in front of your audience

Share or don’t share results

you can share or don’t share the results by different ways like email or social media channels

Different Shape

you can get the results in different shape for instance (Words, pie chart, scaling, matrix,

Exporting the data

you can download results in different shapes (Excel, PDF, Word)


You can analyze the results in Excel


EnablerPlus itself have two Languages English and Arabic. but you can discuss in any language you like.


you can collect the data from the same audiences at the same pales or if they were and any part in the world.


depends on you and your audience, you can create presentations or question that you can know the respondence answers, or you or any one wants to know the results he will not be able to know who answers what. (just for the quiz, the respondents must fill their information)

Insulations and Technical knowledge

No need for any insulation or technical Knowledge for account owner and even the responders

Creating Presentations and Questions

one to two simple clicks you can create presentation or question

Presenter or Audience base Answering

you can control the questions that your audience can answer. or let your Audience answer all your question in their convenience.

Unlimited Audience

You can reach unlimited audience

Add your Logo

you can add you own logo to show your brand for all the people

Make the shapes you like

Make the shapes you and your audience comfortable with.

Fully web-based

all the system web-based, you and your audience can use any device to answer

Trustable and safe

All of our websites are fully secured and trusted, and all your information JUST You can see it

Words filtering

you can filter the bad words from use