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Post Questions

Through our smart tools you can create new presentation >> then you can add multiple questions with different types.
Configuration parameter will give you many options to control your questions


Share Answers Link

Very important to find the easiest and fastest channels to communicate with your audience, without any apps installation or technical experience, EP provide you may ways to send the answers link by direct access, QRCode or sharing via (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, ..)


Receive Answers

Once the audience start feeding answer, you can read and view answers live, EnablerPlus provide live view for answers. And by using multiple charts you can easily read data. Many parameters available to control the sequence of answers and who can.


Take Decisions

Main goal of EnablerPlus is to enable you to take right decisions on right times. By using our smart tools you can read your audience feedback accuracy, view results in graphs which fast way to decisions and you can download all the data for more analysis or any purpose.

Smart tool can help you to engage and attract your audience and appeal them all the time.

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Customer Happiness Experts

Customer Happiness Experts

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Business Owners

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